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February Schedule

pears and brie blog ready

Before I get into the heart of this post, I need to tell you the truth about this photo. Until now, every image I have posted here and on Facebook has been of cookies and I didn’t want you to think that’s all we eat here at Miss Prim. After all, we teach girls how to eat healthful foods not just cookies. I feel like this photo represents us a little better and it happens to be my favorite snack.

Besides explaining pears and brie, today I’m sending out big thank you’s to those of you who are inquiring about the February class schedule. The Valentine’s Day class is full but we are sending out the rest of the month’s schedule next week. Be sure to contact us at with your email address and daughter’s age so you don’t miss it. Email subscribers see the schedule two days before it’s published here or on social media. Instructions for registration will be included in the email, as well.

Thank you again and know that your enthusiasm has us so very anxious to meet you!

Sweet Launch

Valentine Heart Cookies Blog Ready

Hello and thank you so much for your interest in Miss Prim Culinary Camp! Its seems perfectly fitting that we will officially launch our classes on Valentines Day. If you haven’t signed up to receive the monthly class schedules, email us at right away as the classes are filling fast. You can also click HERE to follow us on Facebook for the most current news. Also, be sure to share this post (link below) or our Facebook page with friends. The classes are especially great for girls who want a Best Friends Day Out. See you soon!