Creative Influence


It isn’t always easy to convince a child to try new things…unless its their idea, of course. You know how it goes – if mom or dad makes a new or different suggestion it will be met with resistance – even if the child knows its a great idea. Turn that same idea around and make it his or her own and they are all about it! If you aren’t experiencing this just yet, give it a few short years and you will understand. Here at Miss Prim, we certainly don’t have all the answers but we do have 20 years experience working to find clever ways to encourage children to make healthy choices. We encourage them to try new things in the kitchen but we never, ever force them. We don’t have to! We simply give them options they can’t resist. Yes, we do take the time to shape our carrots into hearts for Miss Prim Culinary Camp and we know you can’t always do that at home. That’s what makes us special. It gives us superhero status and influence that we do not take lightly. We love to inspire children and then teach them the skills to reach superhero status right along with us.

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