Miss Prim Culinary Camp is a series of classes and summer camps designed to nurture the love of cooking and hospitality in girls ages 6-12. We are based in South Nashville – closest to Green Hills, Franklin, Brentwood and Bellevue but we welcome students from all over Middle Tennessee.

Confidence in the kitchen leads to all sorts of creativity and we are passionate about helping girls learn and grow. We, here at Miss Prim, use creative multi-sensory teaching methods to engage our students in learning basic cooking skills, table etiquette, social grace and hospitality. What may read like a boring list of lessons comes to life in the Miss Prim kitchen! Classes and camps are divided into age specific groups to be certain the girls can easily follow along with the instructor.

One of the most interesting facts about Miss Prim Culinary Camp is that it is a charitable organization. Although we are not officially non-profit status, most of our individual classes do not have a set fee, but rather we take donations. The two methods of “payment” are either $25 in nutritious, non-perishable foods that we deliver directly to the Graceworks food bank OR a $25 cash (or check) donation that we will use to purchase the food donation for you. You choose which method best suits you. ┬áIn our spare time, Miss Prim teaches nutrition and cooking classes to the children of lower income families and at-risk youth. On occasion, part of your food donation may go towards those classes, as well. In short, you are helping us help others and that is the core reason we started Miss Prim in the first place!

It is very difficult to get three ladies together with makeup on and hair brushed all on the same day so we don’t have our photos attached here quite yet, but be assured we won’t frighten your lovely girls! Take a second to read our bios. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@dearmissprim.com.

MELANIE – Instructor

Melanie has wanted to be a Home Ec teacher for most of her life but to her chagrin, she was domestically challenged until she was age 30. So on her journey to find her true self, she spent a few good years in marketing and entrepreneurship. Once her husband, two daughters and starter companies were all grown up and taking care of themselves, she went back to school to study nutrition and follow that Family and Consumer Sciences dream. She is passionate about loving others through good, old fashioned hospitality and teaching women and children to do the same.

HOLLY – Assistant

Holly’s mom failed her miserably. She couldn’t cook for most of Holly’s life so neither can Holly. But Holly is in love with children and they love her back. That’s where she fits in here at Miss Prim. She is currently a PR major in college but her true life goal is to adopt 4 children and push them around in strollers at the mall all day. In the meantime, she dotes on the students of Miss Prim, teaches them how to fold napkins into birds and makes sure their aprons fit just so. Oh, she also makes them smile…a lot.

ALLIE – Assistant

Allie is the most creative of all of us here at Miss Prim. We want to be like her when we grow up. She is a funny girl that sees the world through eyes that children relate to. When we are too serious around the Miss Prim kitchen, Allie likes to point out that we are not British (as much as we like to think we are) and we should lighten up a little. Allie is a Junior at CPA, our photographer, color commentator and sous chef wannabe.